Young Women and Mental Health

I am looking forward to performing HELP! at Coslton Girls School later today.
I have wanted to perform in schools, particularly to young women for while because of the result of some research read about.

I had my first period of ill health when I was a teenager. It was a scary and confusing time and I remember finding great comfort in the books I read that explored themes of mental illness. I felt so much less alone, even if was a distant author writing over 50 years before. I hope that in a schools context I might be able to be that voice for someone else.

If you are interested in the increase in mental ill health in young women here is some info:

‘Rates of stress, anxiety and depression are rising sharply among teenage girls in what mental health specialists say is a “deeply worrying” trend that is far less pronounced among boys of the same age. They warn that the NHS lacks the resources to adequately tackle the problem.
‘Our daughters must not be scared to talk about mental health issues’
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New NHS data obtained by the Guardian reveals that the number of times a girl aged 17 or under has been admitted to hospital in England because of self-harm has jumped from 10,500 to more than 17,500 a year over the past decade – a rise of 68%. The jump among boys was much lower: 26%.’

Cases of self-poisoning among girls – ingesting pills, alcohol or other chemical substances – rose 50%, from 9,700 to 14,600 between 2005-06 and 2015-16. Similarly, the number of girls treated in hospital after cutting themselves quadrupled, from 600 to 2,400 over the same period, NHS Digital figures show.
NHS data shows 68% rise in hospital admissions because of self-harm among girls under 17 in past decade…/stress-anxiety-fuel-mental-he…

Suicide rate among young women doubles in a decade…/suicide-rate-among-young-wom…

Self-harm among teenage girls up 68% in three years, shows research…/self-harm-teenage-girls-incr…

A quarter of all 14-year-old girls are depressed, research shows.…/depression-girls-teenagers-q…

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