On the 18th May 2016 I would have been in a relationship for five years. Instead of eating a family size block of cheese and crying myself to sleep I hosted a performance party in my house called the Heartbreak Hotel.

Artists made installations in spaces inside and outside of the house:
Jesse Meadows was the hotel owner, greeting and showing guests around the house, and Viki was the maid. (pictured below.

Interactive Installations included:
Paul Samuel White’s installation/ audio piece inspired by Wicked game by Chris Isaak.
Ed Rapley turned the shed into ‘The House of Hugs’, a place for comforting and neccessary physical intimacy.
The smash table was a place to destroy an object that reminded you of an ex, and burn it on the fire.
The Wall of Shame was a wall to name and shame those who had broken your heart.
Emergency First Aid boxes all around the house filled with different items: Cheese, Aspirin (for a broken heart), chocolate, booze, lots and lot of tissues.
An exhibition of  kindly donated love letters.

Michael Tew performed a cleansing in the bathroom, with a beautiful audio collage.
Viki Browne stabbed a hearshape cake to ‘heartbreak hotel’ in the kitchen and it bled all over the floor.
Punk bands in the Living Room:
Fuck The House Band. 

Guests were invited to:
1. Bring an object that you can smash whilst thinking of someone who broke your heart.
2. Add your best love/ heartbroken related songs to the playlist
3. BYOB.

It was great.

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