In 2012, the UK experienced mass flooding and Exeter became the focus of media attention, as the River Exe burst its banks. People’s homes, businesses and lives became water-damaged, and not for the first time.

To a backdrop of running water and archival footage, Flood interweaves stories inspired by real-life events from 1960 and 2012. Accounts from Exeter’s inhabitants are blended with an the research notes of three unlikely anoraks as a new story of flooding  is told using projections, model houses, verbatim interviews, inflatable globes, hand held cameras, and toothbrushes.

Flood was made in response to the extreme flooding of South West England in 2012 and informed by research into the fatal floods that drowned Exeter in 1960. The idea was conceived by Viki and Jac Ifan Moore as they were eating a curry in Exeter during the flood in 2012, trying to work out how they were going to get home.

Their research took a variety of forms; reading archived newspapers, trawling images and video footage, interviewing local people, looking at plans for flood defences and reading weather reports. This diverse range of sources allowed them to write their own stories about the floods, stories of loss, community and belonging. This blend of historical and contemporary accounts allows them to tell a new story of flooding.

Flood was created in an intensive three-week rehearsal period at the University of Exeter. Texts were written, found  and edited by Viki and Jac and devised upon by a small cast of actor/collaborators, Katy SobeyGeorge Bradley and Kate Mayne.


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