In Search of a Producer.

I am currently looking for a producer who is going to be at The Edinburgh Fringe to work with me on producing HELP!

Its mainly going to be compiling a list of venues, funders and producers  and co-ordinating Invitations being sent out these.  It would be beneficial to work with someone who has tour booking experience and existing relationships with venues, funders and producers across the U.K. (though this isn’t essential).

It will then be sorting comps for these people as well as managing requests from Arts Industry Office during the Fringe.

I would like it to be someone at the fringe, so that we can meet up to check in.

Someone who will be honest with me.

Someone who will say clearly what they can and cant do.

Someone who will let me know how I can help to achieve something.

Someone to have my back when I am professionally vulnerable. (particularly in week 3 when I feel like my world might be ending a little bit)

I want someone to say. Yes, thats fine, stop worrying about it.

I want someone to say, you need to pull your socks up, work harder and do this, because if you don’t these are the consequences.

I want to work with someone interested in working on HELP! now, and this being a way to create work for themselves in the future.

Going forward I would like to work with this person to create a tour pattern from the interest generated at the fringe and apply for a GFTA to support this. And I would love for this to be the beginning of a long term relationship with a producer preferably based in Bristol or The South West.

If you think this might be you, then please get in contact.

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