Attempt is a darkly comic play about determination and failure, the human capacity to want something with every bone of your being yet fail to achieve it, time and time again. This piece of new writing inspired by Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath tackles the topic of attempted suicide at a point in time when the stigma surrounding mental illness seems to be one of the final hurdles for human rights activists. With a “spell-binding” solo performance from Charlotte Warner, Attempt invites the audience to meet a character who is more like ourselves than we might imagine.

Viki wanted to make a piece of theatre that addressed the stigma surrounding mental illness and quickly found herself writing about a character who had attempted to take her own life. For Viki and Charlotte the piece became a way to get people thinking and maybe even talking about the taboo topic of suicide in a new way. We hope the piece speaks about the unspeakable.

The piece was first performed in Poppy’s florist’s in Exeter for an intimate audience of 12. It was then performed at the Exeter Northcott Theatre as part of RAW, an emerging arts platform and as part of Jointventure’s residency at The Bike Shed Theatre.


“A beautiful piece of theatre with a spell binding solo performance by Charlotte Warner. Whilst dealing with a taboo subject it manages to be hilarious, warm, touching and thought provoking all in one sitting. A must see.”
Dom Jinks, University of Exeter, Arts and Culture. 2013

“Fresh and dynamic…it had a strong identity and felt original in its form and content.” Chloe Whipple, Framework Producer, The Bike Shed Theatre, 2013

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