Viki jumps into a bush.
She isn’t coping.

Welcome to her sequin-encrusted world. Rats wear capes, butters race and you’re invited to dance in the disco of dirty secrets.
HELP! is a show about asking for help when your world and identity have been shattered by mental illness. It demonstrates what it feels like to be unwell, in a true story about panic attacks in supermarkets and television static-depression. HELP! is a touching, humorous performance about falling apart, pulling yourself together and being surprised by what you’re left with. It is for anyone who’s ever struggled.
A Bristol Old Vic Ferment Scratch Commission. Winner of Best Actress and nominated for Best Original Show at Reading Fringe Festival

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‘bizarre, touching and engaging…one woman in a leotard bringing attention to that big silver elephant in the room.’ Bristol 24/7 Click for full review

‘This is real, this is true; this is a rejection of artifice’ Exeunt.

‘…truly uplifting, something which brings humanity in all its vulnerability to the fore and offers a real and tangible sense of hope….This is a show which is charming, inviting and really very moving.’’

Express and Echo. Click for full review.

‘A touching, warm and educational show which gives a thoughtful insight into mental illness and lets people know its okay to ask for help.’ Get Reading.

The Wardrobe Theater
2nd Feb – 24th Feb
8pm (plus 2pm on Friday) | £10

The Mad Brunch Club 
The Mad Brunch Club is the opportunity for audiences and artists to continue the discussion about mental illness, wellbeing and self care in a group setting over Eggs.
Mad Brunch Club: 10th, 17th 24th Zoo Southside Cafe 11.00am

Post Show Discussion (Available for touring)
After performances of HELP! Viki is joined by a panel of representatives from mental health related charities and services to discuss themes and topics brought up by the production. Previously attended by Rethink Mental Illness, MIND, The Devon Depression and Anxiety Service, Recovery Devon and Time to Change.

Available for touring. For bookings please contact: