The Gran Show, Bristol Old Vic Day 3

Today I am full of cold. The cold I thought I had fought off yesterday, but that came back with a vengeance after an hour of running and litter picking in the cold rain. So today has been a bit of a struggle particularly because it has been a practical day.

Things to Keep: Hoovering routine and track choice, Wedding concept inc floor tape guide and video’s.

Things I thought about: I thought a little less today as I did a lot more practical, but I realised that Images are brilliant representations of what has passed. A reminder of a person or event and a blueprint for performance. Images of places and people can be used to guide, or act as a backdrop for reperformance.

So… it turns out it was a little difficult to try and emulate Tatiana Konoballs. I think this is for the following reasons:

  1. The equipment, yes firstly I am blaming the equipment. I bought three Argos value fitness ball, measuring 55cm that (as you will see in the video) came to roughly my knee. When she sits on her balls (I can’t believe I have just typed that sentence) her feet just touch the ground. This must mean that she both has massive balls (that one too) or that she is a teeny weeny tiny person. I think probably both of those things are true. So firstly I blame my equipment, because when I sat on my balls my knees were up to my chest (wow). I don’t believe I would have been able to elegantly glide over them or like she did.
  2. I have just identified the second problem in my wording of the first. I am not very elegant. I watched Tatiana Konoballs and thought, yes, I can be her in her flippy floppy dress and her polka dot pants. I have a hyper flexible back which will allow me to flip the balls over my head as I roll on them. Well, I do have a hyper flexible back but I quickly realised I wouldn’t be able to do most of the things she did. In fact I didn’t even open ball 2 and 3, partially because I had been winded by the first (see end of video) it hurt and I didn’t dare imagine what the other two might be capable of.
  3. I started making up a dance for 10 balls or more, a beautiful surface of rippling balls (blimey), but then I remembered that there is only me. I cannot puppeteer 10 or more balls. This is not something I am capable of.

Therefore, I am sad to say that the fitness balls will not be making it into The Gran Show at Bristol Old Vic (on the 20th Jan 8.15pm), because everything I did with them was shit. I have deflated the ball pictured, folded it up and re-bagged it ready to return with the other two to Argos tomorrow along with my sad and broken fitness-ball-dance-dreams.

In other news I made a few video’s utilising imovie’s most tacky effect ‘Ken Burns’ who in my mind looks a little like this:

409583f7bd4b2e6cf0b2b50cf89fe341And I did lots of dancing to Queen with a lovely green Henry Hoover.

Things consumed: Yogurt, fruit and granola, Green tea (get me), normal tea, bits of muffin/flapjack pilfered from the Arnolfini, Beetroot and feta salad that I forgot to dress- SO DRY, and I forgot to eat so had it about 5pm, a little bit of veggie curry and rice.

Sleep: 8 hrs of normal up and downy sleep.

Aims for Day 3: Consolidate and work out logistics of Wedding, work on cigarette logistics, source images? rejig/ choreograph sunbathing/ cabbage. Take back exercise balls.


p.s apologies for the over use of brackets in this post.

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