A Bristolian I will be.

Well its been an exciting few weeks…
The Gran Show at Camden People’s Theatre seemed to go well. People were quite and people laughed, both responses I was hoping for and I gathered together some lovely audience feedback forms one of which simply read ‘HOLY CABBAGE :)’ I think thats probably a good thing…and it looks like The Gran Show is going to have an exciting Jauary… news of that to come soon.

The Wonderful Old Market, Bristol​ is opening on the 1st November and I am incredibly excited to be performing HELP! there on April 9th which is also Josh Lucas’ my trusted, friend and techie’s birthday (so we’ll have to have a little birthday party for him- shh dont tell).

I am also between residence’s. I have left London with a single ticket two bags and a twitter-letter to fate (@Veabrowne) after three years of thinking about it I am finally on my way to Bristol!

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